Photo: 熊照辉  
Chinese Name (Same as the ID Card): 熊照辉 English Name: 熊照辉

Educational Experience (high school, university etc.):

Foreign Language and Level: First Foreign Language:    Level: 
Second Foreign Language:    Level: 
Mandarin Proficiency:

Computer Skills:

Numbers of Students Taught:

Teaching materials adopted and courses taught (listening, comprehensive, speaking etc.):

Class Size (one-on-one, small class under five, large class):

Self-Introduction in Chinese (any information that is not included above could be provided here,
and you are also encouraged to supply any personal charactersitcis, educational background, interests, working expereriences etc.):

Self-Introduction in Foreign Language (written in your first foreign language, you are encouraged to supply information in your foreign resume that are not included above):

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